Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Candlewood Suites

I called the Candlewood Suites in Elgin, Illinois home for about two months this winter. I have to say that I really lucked out with this hotel! The hotel was only about 4 months old when I stayed in it, so everything was pretty much brand new and super clean. Most hotels I stay in talk up their work out facilities and they end up being some old crappy equipment from the early 80's. The Candlewood had some really nice workout equipment that I got some good use out of, granted the hotel is brand new so the equipment hasn't been used to much in the first place. One thing that I really like about all Candlewood Suites is that they have FREE washer and dryers! Most hotels charge an arm and a leg to use their washer and dryer, if they even have one. The rooms were equipped with a full kitchen, granite counter tops, DVD players, flat screen TVs, and very comfortable beds.

A couple of views of my room.

The staff of the Candelwood of Elgin was also a treat. Everyone was super friendly and very helpful with anything I needed. The hotel is also pet friendly, as you can see my dog Cloey relaxing in the room.

I would highly recommend staying at this hotel if you are in the western Chicago area.


Jason said...

Great blog Ryan. I wish I would have done one during my may years of inventory travel. We could use this as a recruiting tool for new arborist. Most of my stories are in my head and only get shared over beers.

Rick Kratzke said...

Looks like a real nice place to stay although it must have been expensive for what was it two months you said.

ArborView said...

Jason, most of my "Good" stories are still only shared over a beer! Maybe some day I will write them down here.

Rick, it was free for me, I was there for work so they paid for my room! Definaly one of the nicer hotels I have stayed in for work.

Nicholas Crawford said...

That does look super sweet!